Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pennfield Feeds signs on for a new 3 year sponsorship!

We are excited to announce that today Bonnie and Pennfield Feeds formed a new 3 year partnership that promises to reap numerous rewards for both over the coming years!

Bonnie has been feeding Pennfield feeds for over 10 years and has never doubted that her horses are probably eating better than she is! In her experience, the quality of the product is unsurpassed. She has worked closely with Pennfield Equine Nutritionist Bob Wagner for the past two years to develop customized feeding programs for all of her horses and the results are reflected in her competition success. No two horses in Bonnie's barn eat the same combination of feed and this is made possible by the fabulous variety of products available.

Point Above Farm Favorites?

Cool 'n' Light for the hotter horses who hold their weight well.

Fibergized for the competition horses who need high fat without the extra zing of corn

Enduro for that extra edge with the horses who tend to feel a little sorry for themselves at the end of cross country

Senior because Merloch and Queen Bee eat it when they are fit and lose their appetites

For those of you who know the Pennfield product you know that this is only a small list of the feeds available. They have something for everyone and are always a phone call or e-mail away if you need help deciding what to feed your horse (trust me, I use them all the time). If anyone would like to get in touch with Bob please let me know and I will forward you his contact information.

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