Thursday, November 19, 2009

You are invited!!

Please Join us on December 9th in Scottsville, VA at a special event sponsored by Pennfield Feeds. Bonnie and fellow competitor Kim Severson will be present to answer your questions and share their experiences with the Pennfield products. There will be food and prizes so don't miss out! Please RSVP as soon as possible:

Lynnley Coleman


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bonnie Announces 2010 winter training dates!

Are you thinking about a trip south this winter for you and/or your horse? Consider spending a month, week, weekend or day with Bonnie at her winter home in St. Matthews, SC. Her home away from home is George and Ethel Gibbes' farm, known to all who know it as THE eventing field of dreams. With 2 full water complexes and over 100 x-c jumps, you simply will not find a better facility on which to train. The farm also features a standard size dressage arena and a full set of show jumps.

Stabling is limited so if you are interested in boarding with the Point Above Farm team for any length of time please contact us ASAP. Otherwise, Bonnie is available for lessons most weekdays in February and March and on weekends when she is not competing.

If you are looking for something a little earlier in the year consider participating in our 6 day long winter clinic held January 12-17, 2010.

More info about the clinic can be found here: or here:

Please email for more information about training and lesson opportunities in February and March.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Straight from the working students mouth!

Many of you dream of picking up your life and moving somewhere to indulge your equestrian passion. Becoming a working student is one of the best ways to make this dream a reality! Working students are an integral part of Bonnie's business. We couldn't make it through the day without them! They participate in every aspect of the business... from riding to assisting the veterinarian to prepping horses for sale... But don't just take my word for it! Here is a little glimpse into the daily life of Annie Jones- an invaluable member of Team Point Above Farm and our 2009-2010 working student.

Annie joined us in June 2009. She travelled all the way from Iowa to spend a year working for Bonnie.
I have been with Bonnie as a working student now for six months (and intend on six more!). My riding, training, and teaching have improved beyond what I had imagined.

The program is fulfilling—it involves many aspects of horses— not just improving as a competitor, but mostly improving one’s overall horsemanship. I have had the opportunity to sit on everything from an off the track baby to Merloch, Bonnie’s four-star wonder horse and Vaunted, Ashley’s four-star superman. The program also involves the daily routine of barn duties, and there are many skills important to running an equine operation. Another aspect of the program is buying/selling horses. This is helpful to me because I enjoy taking on project horses, training them to their potential, and eventually selling them. It even applies some of my college education of business classes!

Bonnie and Ashley are a great team to work for. The combined experience and education of Bonnie and Ashley provides an amazing opportunity for any student (a novice or upper-level competitor)! I highly recommend taking the opportunity of being in this program if at all possible!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

January Clinic 2010

Don't get caught in the cold! Winter is coming, or maybe, depending on where you live, its already here!

Join us for a week of training in eventing heaven, otherwise known as The Gibbes Farm in St. Matthews, SC.

Please e-mail Rebecca with your questions:

We are hiring!!

The end of the season

Greeting everyone!

The end of the season is upon us... Unfortunately, things didn't wrap up as well as we had planned. The weather gods were not on our side Fair Hill weekend and after a great dressage test Bonnie made the tough decision to scratch. Actually, as we stood in the rain, looked down at the mud up to our calves and knew that it might be tough but it was the *only* right thing to do!

So... on to the next great adventure! Bonnie will be teaching and clinicing all winter and is looking forward to catching up with old students and meeting new ones! Please contact me asap to schedule a clinic at your farm or a lesson at ours.

Bonnie will be in Gordonsville, VA until the end of January. February and March will be spent at our friends George and Ethel Gibbes farm in St. Matthews, SC.

This is a great time of year to assess the past season and work on those holes that need to be filled to move on to the next level! Take advantage of our mild Virginia winter and come on down!


Monday, September 14, 2009

Winning Big at 5-Points!

Bonnie and Murry have always loved Southern Pines and this fall was no different. After winning their Advanced division this past spring at the Carolina Horse Park they came back for more and did it again! Contenders for the win from the beginning, they earned a 29.6 to tie for second place, jumped around x-c clean and fast with only 6.8 time faults! Their double clean show jumping round put just a little too much pressure on Holly Hepp who dropped 2 rails and handed Bonnie the win!
Next up? Fair Hill CCI***!!
**Many thanks to our friend Jason Spears who kindly and generously sent us the attached pictures!** You can see more of his work here:

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Essay Winner!

Congratulations to Jennifer Smith from Chesapeake, VA. Her essay has earned her 4 FREE lessons with Bonnie to help her prepare for her first long format 3 Day Event. Here is what she had to say:

Taking the Next Step

Being a spectator at the larger events with the long format has driven the passion and desire of becoming a competitor. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching from the sidelines and cheering on fellow riders as they accomplish their dreams through our rigorous sport of eventing while testing each athlete, the horse and the rider, in the long format of competition. I dreamt of navigating my way through roads and tracks and the steeplechase phase, which has lead me to pursue that goal this year by riding in the Training Level 3 Day held at Waredaca. I know it is not Badminton or Rolex, and honestly I will probably never see those competitions as a rider only a spectator, so the next best thing is riding in a ½ star! The sense of self- worth and accomplishment from galloping through the finish flags would validate all triumphs and setbacks I have acquired throughout my years of riding. Everyone knows you win some and lose some… but you always gain an experience and learn something from each competition- something about you or your horse. I want a shot at that feeling on endurance day… I want to feel like I am competing in the biggest event of my life, my mini Rolex. It will be a bonding of horse and rider and also a sense of what great riders go through when they tackle the upper levels with the long format. I want to have the ride of my life and something I will always remember.

I became hooked or maybe even obsessed as my family and friends put it, during my first real cross country experience at an Old Dominion Pony Club Eventing Rally. No rider can forget those last minute butterflies you get as you enter the start box and your count down begins. 5,4,3,2,1 Have a nice ride! I remember my horse’s mane blowing in the wind and the tears that streamed down my face as we galloped a round our course and cleared the finish flags. For those five or six minutes my horse and I were completely in synch and could have tackled anything. We crossed the finish line with a few seconds to spare and proceeded to the vet box to have our TPR checked and began the cooling out process. It was my first real eventing experience and far from my last. I could not even make it home before I called all my friends, coaches etc. and gushed like I had a school girl crush on some boy and rambled on about my wonderful weekend and every obstacle we faced. Even though nerves gave me temporary amnesia and I blew my dressage test… I still finished the event and finished well- with a second place finish and receiving the Frank Bierman award for fitness and pace. Who would have thought my aged gelding from the flat lands with his novice eventer could do so well? As I continued to event and take lessons gaining new insight and objectives for the sport I soon realized to take the bad with the good. As every rider, I have faced my fair share of setbacks including ankle injuries and rib injuries… yet I still have not lost track of my goals in the sport; which are to compete successfully in a 3 Day and to complete a Preliminary run on my mare. Notice I say complete…. Not win! I want to have a successful, safe and learning experience at Prelim… not expecting to win a ribbon but I am hoping to gain confidence and experience at the new level.

I know I have a harder time getting the lessons and experience as I live in Southeastern Virginia, Chesapeake to be exact which is near Virginia Beach. For anyone who knows the area, they know it is far from rolling hills with cross country jumps. The closest cross country course is 3.5 hours away, which adds to the financial difficulty of getting the help and coaching needed to make the 3 day a successful debut. Yet my love and determination for the sport has allowed my partnership with my mare to be fairly successful at the training level while we have aspirations for more, I would like to use this opportunity as a stepping stone for greater things to come. These lessons would aid me in my final preparations for the Training Level 3 Day and answer all of those wonderful questions and concerns any new rider has when he/she riders competes in their first 3 day. I look forward to continuing my love and passion for the sport while striving to get closer to my final goals. I am so close my mouth is starting to water as I think about filing out the paperwork for the ½ star, I just hope I get an opportunity to put the final polishing on from a professional rider with years at a level I can only dream about. Seriously, what other sport can an amateur ride next to a professional? This is something that sets our sport away from others and makes it truly unique.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Only days after teaching Young Kyle (Bonnie's nephew, see below) the finer points of eventing, Merloch ran around the Millbrook Horse Trials advanced course like it was a piece of cake. Only .8 seconds off the time, he and Bonnie moved up to a second place tie after dressage. Not bad for his first Advanced run since May! An unlucky rail left them in 5th place for the weekend but Bonnie is thrilled with his performance and feels like she has her horse in great form to tackle 5 Points and then the CCI*** at Fair Hill.

Look for Bonnie at Waredaca next Sunday. If anyone needs coaching in the Novice or Preliminary please let us know.


Monday, August 3, 2009

How to train a Four Star Horse

This summer Point Above Farm was fortunate enough to employ "Young Kyle" Bonnie's 17 year old nephew aka A Man with Serious Skills. Kyle roadtripped to Point Above Farm all the way from Arizona. We kinda thought he was crazy but it didn't take us long to start trying to convince him to move to Virginia permanently! Kyle quickly became the go to man for every task on the farm, from painting our jumps to tacking up our horses, mucking the trailers, cleaning the tack and finally, on the very last day, training Merloch. Kyle was probably one of the best working students we've ever had and he's only ridden a horse twice. You can view this ride here:

Friday, July 31, 2009

In Support of the Full Format 3 Day

Are you an amateur rider hoping to enter for your first full format 3 Day Event this fall, either a 1/2 * or *?

You can win 4 FREE lesson with Bonnie to help you prepare!

To win this please submit a 500-1,000 word essay describing why you have decided to pursue the "ultimate" pinnacle of our sport: the full format 3-Day. Essays must be submitted to Rebecca ( by August 15, 12pm. The winner will be notified by August 22. Please also include a summary of your qualifications (either already achieved or planned) and something that proves you are an amateur. Bonnie will choose the winner based on the essay and your qualifications for the proposed competition (ie. we are not going to choose someone who has not yet competed at Training level because August 22nd is too close to the competitions). Please e-mail us with your questions. The winning essay will be posted on our website and anywhere else I can pawn it off...

FREE YRAP Clinic in September

Calling all Area II YRAP participants!

You are being offered a free weekend clinic with Bonnie September 19-20. Please contact Rebecca ( for an entry. The clinic will be first come, first serve for the first 15 people who sign up. There is a $25/night stabling fee.

Dressage at Badminton. This is the only angle that doesn't show a huge crowd in the background! Check out my facebook page for more (to be posted on my website soon...).

Mid Summer update

Hello everyone!

Its been a while since the blog was last updated. Its been a busy summer!

A few months home from Badminton and I've taken some valuable time to reflect on my spring trip to England with Merloch...I never thought in my life that I would have a horse that could go to Badminton. This year I decided it might be now or never so I packed Merloch up on a plane and away we went.

He ran around Rolex 2008 with a silly run out 4 fences from home. I have beaten myself up for a year over this run out. I gave him a whack to cover the distance in the last water jump, lost a rein and ended up on the short list for the Olympics, and an alternate yet again! I came home and regrouped with with my new dressage instructor Gerd Reuter ( He has helped me tremendously, not only with my dressage but also with my confidence. That is a hard coach to find. He really helped me believe in myself and my horse and encouraged me to take the plunge and move forward to Badminton.

Our trip was a dream come true (almost :) ). The atmosphere is like nothing I can describe. Eventers are rock stars in England. The crowds were beyond belief. Murry had a fan club at 6am on x-c morning! I think that I really surprised the world with my dressage test. I will never forget my minutes in that world famous arena! Cross country was incredible. It was a daunting but doable course and Merloch and I were truly having the ride of a lifetime when I was forced to unexpectedly pull up. Merloch jammed his stifle out of place and was temporarily very very lame. I say temporarily because by the time we returned to the stabling he was a little touchy sore to the area but completely sound. This is one of those disappointing lessons of horses... He continues to display no ill effect from those few seconds that went wrong and he recently flew me around the CIC** course at Stuart with no apparent problem. We will move forward to the CCI*** at Fair Hill in the fall and then on to Rolex in the spring. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to my annual trip to Millbrook. We leave on Wednesday...

Keep cheering and I'll see you all at the start box!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Raffle Winners!

CONGRATULATIONS!! to our raffle winners Carla Mcleod and Bobby Costello!

Carla's daughter Alex will be reaping the rewards of her mother's raffle purchase later this fall.

Many of you may be surprised to read that we had two winners. Our first winner was international eventing competitor Bobby Costello. While he was thrilled to win he encouraged us to draw a second winner, someone who might have a little more free time!

To honor Bobby's generosity we have decided to offer 4 free lessons to a non-pro preparing for their first full "classic" format Three Day Event this fall (either 1/2* or 1*). The catch? To win this please submit a 500-1,000 word essay describing why you have decided to pursue the "ultimate" pinnacle of our sport: the full format 3-Day. Essays must be submitted to Rebecca ( by August 15, 12pm. The winner will be notified by August 22. Please also include a summary of your qualifications (either already achieved or planned). Bonnie and Bobby will choose the winner. Please e-mail us with your questions. The winning essay will be posted on our website.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Raffle Tickets

Off to a good start!

Badminton 2009 is off to a great start with Bonnie and Merloch passing the jog today with flying colors!

They are number 88 and will be cantering down the centerline on Friday afternoon. You can watch the event live and for FREE here:

Stay tuned...

Friday, May 1, 2009


Bonnie is on Facebook! If you are too and I haven't already "friended" you please look her up! I'll be forwarding all of your messages to her this coming week. Your support really keeps her going!

Bonnie Mosser's Profile
Bonnie Mosser's Facebook profile
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Also, I was just coerced into "twittering" look me up and I'll give lots of ringside updates. (rpolan)

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ashley and Vaughn at Rolex!

Ashley and her self made horse Vaunted made us all proud every step of the way through her first CCI****. It was an amazing week and Congratulations don't even seem like enough. But Congratulation!

What an inspiration!

Hi Everyone,

I just had the most amazing week. I was the Rolex 4 star with Ashley Adams and her horse Vaunted coaching them through their first 4 star. Ashley is the first student that I have coached through a CCI****. Yes, she is now a 4 star rider! Ashley rode every phase as we planned which meant so much to me. We had a plan and she executed it perfectly. Ashley has an amazing fan base that she probably has no idea about. The roar of the crowd when she came off cross country was deafening. It brought tears to my eyes. Do you all know that Ashley made that little horse named Vaughn from scratch? She taught him how to do half pass and all that dressage stuff. I believe he came with his character to be brave when asked and that is why this partnership has developed into the 4 star level.

I have a funny story to tell, I have been 21st two times at Rolex and so having Ashley finish in my same placing at 21st is slightly ironic. That is a song! Ashley's week has given me inspiration for my trip own upcoming trip to Badminton. Murry and I had a great opportunity to do the test ride at Rolex. It gave me insight to a few things about my test and I know what I need to work on these last few days. We leave for JFK on Thursday. I only have about 5 days to improve my dressage, but I also need a few more jumps under my belt!

I have an amazing group of people coming over to help at Badminton. In my past I was thankful I was not a downhill racer because the grand daddy of downhill racing was the Hannikahm race. Crazy!! But as this trip comes closer I realize that I am about to ride at the grand daddy of three day eventing. Crazy? Hell no. I have an amazzing horse and as I always say when I walk into a venue-- this party is for my horse. The people are here to see my horse jump these incredible fences. Next time you will hear from me, I will be in Amsterdam with my Murry. If you own a cow bell ring it for me on Saturday. I am # 88 so I believe this means I will do my dressage on Friday afternoon. What a great number. I love double numbers.

Ok everyone this is your last week to buy a raffle ticket. The ticket purchase helps Merloch and I to get to Badminton, but you win a week of lessons with me including one lesson on my buddy Merloch. Stabling and housing are included. Stay here on my website and purchase tickets.

Touch back with me for updates,

Cross every thing you got and believe,

Bonnie and Murry

Friday, March 27, 2009

Getting to Badminton...

It's Official! Bonnie's entry to Badminton has been accepted! Visit their website to see the sights After Merloch's spot on clean run at Southern Pines the pair is well on their way to Badminton success!

As many of you know we are offering a raffle to help fund the trip (go to for more info). Bonnie's estimated budget for this venture is $25,000 (horse flights, human flights, housing, veterinary expenses, etc). If we sell every raffle ticket we will raise approximately $10,000. If you are interested in becoming a Four Star supporter please consider making a tax deductible donation to the American Horse Trials Foundation. Please contact rebecca@bonniemosser for more information about the AHTF and instructions for making your gift. If you wish to make an anonymous gift you may contact the AHTF directly:

The American Horse Trials Foundation
221 Grove Cove Road
Centreville, MD 21617
Phone: (443) 262-9555
Fax: (443) 262-9666

Everyone who contributes (including raffle ticket purchasers!) and provides me ( with their e-mail address will receive daily updates from Badminton (as long as technology cooperates!).

If you contribute $500+ we will send you a "Point Above Farm Four Star" shirt and an autographed photo of Bonnie and Merloch at Badminton.

If your business is interested in helping to fund this trip we will add your logo to our website ( for 1 year for all donations of $1,000+.

Whether you are behind this exciting next step in Bonnie's career with donations or simple well wishes, you all are what make these trips possible!

Thank you all for your support.


What will it take to make 2009 your best eventing season ever?

Summer camp 2009!

Get a "jump" on the competition! This unique 7 day training opportunity with Bonnie will provide you with the training tools you need to reach your next eventing goal. Whether its Fair Hill in the fall or your first beginner novice horse trial this summer, Bonnie will work with you to develop a customized training regimine to get you where you want to go.

Campers of all skill levels are welcome.

The week will end with the CDCTA HT. (Note: CDCTA entry fees are not included in your camp fee, please enter by the opening date. From our farm you will not need stabling). Campers who wish to stay on for an extra week to prepare for Surefire are eligible for a discounted weekly training rate ($250 for 5 lessons, stabling $20/night).

Camp begins on June 14 and ends on the 21st. Day 1 is a move in and hacking day. Arrive by 1pm to take a horseback tour of the farm and join us for a welcome to camp cook out!

The rest of camp will consist of private and small group dressage, show jumping and x-c lessons. Groups will never exceed four people so you will be guaranteed lots of individualized attention. Bonnie will work with each camper to help design a fitness program appropriate for each horse over the rest of the season.

Every camper will participate in 7 mounted lessons, daily unmounted instructional seminars, course walks at CDCTA and fun evening activities!

Camp fee includes all of the above plus:

Stabling and bedding
Lunch Monday-Friday


Please inquire about housing options available on the farm (first come/first serve!)

E-mail for an entry or for more information/questions, etc.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Southern Pines Success!

Congratulations to Bonnie and Ashley for both of their spectacular performances at Southern Pines II! Bonnie and Merloch won their Advanced division and Ashley and Vaunted finished second in their own Advanced division! Next up... The Fork.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pennfield is the "Official" USEF Feed

Point Above Farm would like to congratulate our newest sponsor, Pennfield Feeds, on recently being named the official feed of the USEF.

Our favorite Pennfield products include Cool "n" Lite and Fibergized. Contact Bonnie if you'd like to learn more about her feeding program.

For more information please contact
Susan Page 610-824-6215
Press passes and high resolution photos available for journalists

Hundred-Year-Old Promise to Always Put the Horse First Nets Small PA Company “Official Feed of the USEF” Title

LANCASTER, Pennsylvania, February 18, 2009 — “Official Feed of the United States Equestrian Federation.” It was a label and announcement that spoke volumes for the quality of a regionally produced product and small, family owned Pennsylvania company that since 1919 has lived by the promise of putting the horse first. Pennfield Equine Feed Technologies of Lancaster, PA couldn’t be more proud of their new partnership with the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) as the Official Feed of the USEF.

“Earning the respect of a partner like USEF speaks volumes on what Pennfield Feed is all about,” explains Jeff Katelan, national sales and marketing manager of Pennfield Country Life Products. "Our competition in the industry is with some huge conglomerates, so this is an enormous honor for us and says a tremendous amount about the quality of our product and company. From day one, Pennfield has been a company that prides itself on its promise to always put the horse first and to care about the well-being of the horse as much as the riders do. It was our founding partner's mission almost a hundred years ago and it's still our mission today. So it's a great honor to be recognized as the ‘Official Horse Feed’ of an organization that values, protects and promotes the well-being of the national riding community the way USEF has proven itself to do."

A family owned, strictly regional feed company (Pennfield is distributed up and down the east coast), Pennfield is best known for using only the finest, most consistent feed ingredients and precise, manufacturing techniques that ensure top quality "fixed formula" feeds, meaning each lot is identical to the one that came before it. For over a decade they’ve partnered with Kentucky Equine Research (KER) to bring state-of-the-art nutritional expertise to their feed products, and give Pennfield customers advanced equine nutrition and uncontested technical support. “Our partnership with KER gives us the advantage of having the best equine nutritionists in the country involved with the formulation of every bag of Pennfield Feed that leaves our mill,” explains Katelan. “That, combined with our proprietary, state of the art milling techniques that we’ve developed, and our absolute vow to stand by our fixed-formula promise by buying only the best ingredients, and buying them consistently from the same folks regardless of pricing fluctuations, allows us as a regional family-owned company, to compete so successfully in the big leagues.”

Their quality and consistency has not only earned Pennfield the trust of the USEF, but also of world-class trainers and competitors throughout the equine industry who rely on Pennfield feed to fuel their horses, such as Pennfield’s Promise Partners: Olympians and super-stars Karen and David O’Connor, Phillip Dutton, Bruce Davidson, John Williams, Kim Severson and Michael Barisone; Four-In-Hand Driving Champion Chester Weber; and top Irish show jumper Jonathon McCrea and his wife, U.S. show jumper Christine McCrea.

These riders will be showing their dedication to Pennfield by helping to host the eight-city “That’s a Promise Tour”, presented by Pennfield, KER and USEF. Designed to help fulfill the promise of the Olympians of tomorrow by supporting the USEF Young Riders Program through ticket sales and high-end silent auctions, its premise is to bring riders together with some of the best horsemen and women in the country to explore the two meanings of "promise" of potential and one of principal...and how they relate to themselves as riders and to their horse. Hors d'oeuvres, cocktails, mingling with stars and other amazing company from the riding world, and a silent auction will be the base format for each stop, and Dr. Joe Pagen, world-renown KER nutritionist, will provide cutting-edge nutritional insight. Plus, at each Tour stop attendees will have the opportunity to win a private lesson in their sport with one of Pennfield’s Promise Partners, and can bid on items donated by riders, the U.S. Equestrian Team, and other industry companies in a silent auction to benefit the USEF Young Rider fund. Many items promise to be unique – think Karen O’Connor preparing a gourmet style meal for you and five of your friends at her farm, or a crystal horse sculpture presented to the 2008 U.S. Olympic Equestrian Team by the Mayor of Hong Kong.

The tour kicked off with a huge party on the WEF show grounds in Wellington, FL on Sunday, February 8th, and was followed by the first educational tour stop in Ocala, FL on Monday night, February 9th. From there the tour will head north, following the competitive season, with monthly stops in Aiken on March 10th, then Lexington, Middleburg, Unionville, the Hudson Valley and Gladstone. For more information on the tour, or to get tickets for the tour stop in your area, visit

About PennfieldPennfield is a widely respected, family-owned feed company headquartered in Lancaster, Pennsylvania that has been serving the Mid-Atlantic since 1919, and was named in 2008 as the “Official Feed of the U.S. Equestrian Federation”. Pennfield is known for using only the finest, most consistent feed ingredients and precise manufacturing techniques that ensure top quality "fixed formula" feeds. In 1996, Pennfield joined forces with Kentucky Equine Research and consequently merged tradition and technology. Pennfield's quality manufacturing and personal service combined with KER's state-of-the-art nutritional expertise gives Pennfield customers advanced equine nutrition and uncontested technical support. For more information, please visit or call 800-995-0333.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Welcome Kelly!

Point Above Farm would like to welcome Kelly McDowell, the newest addition to our team. Kelly will be assisting Ashley and the rest of the gang around the farm learning the ropes and perfecting her riding and grooming skills.
Kelly lives nearby in Orange, and has been riding for 11 years. She is very excited about the opportunity to improve her riding skills and learn from Bonnie and the other students. When she's not working with horses, she enjoys reading, going to concerts and watching films.

2009 Season off to a great start!

The season is underway!

Point Above Farm is enjoying training and warming up at their winter home in St. Matthew's, SC at George and Ethel Gibbes beautiful facility. Our old friend Otis (see pig below) is still up to his old antics eating acorns and spooking the horses. One horse on the farm who is particularly scared of Otis, Ashley Adams gelding Vaunted, didn't let his jitters get the best of him this past weekend when he jumped cleanly into 4th place in the OI division at Pine Top. Ashley's season opener is particularly exciting as it was a fast and confident build up to her first CCI**** at Rolex in April.

Working student Lucy Drinkwater got her feet wet in the Novice division at last Wednesday's Full Gallop Horse Trials and is excitedly looking forward to the Training division at this coming week's Paradise Farm horse trials.

Bonnie and Merloch will be making their competition debut at Southern Pines II in the middle of March. Until then look for her at Paradise with White Out in the Training division and at Pine Top with Bounce Back in the Preliminary division.

New students and old are welcome and encouraged to get in touch to schedule a lesson. The farm will move back to Virginia in early March.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Hi Everyone & Happy New Year!

It doesn't really feel like winter yet but its almost time for Bonnie and crew to head down to South Carolina to get a jump start on the spring season. Bonnie will be in St. Matthews, SC (about 1 hour from Aiken) from ~ February 3-March 3. She will be coaching at Sporting Days, Full Gallop, Pine Top and Paradise. If anyone would like to spend a week or part of a week and go to a horse trial please let me know as soon as possible.

In the meantime, if you'd like to get a few lessons in before Bonnie leaves please e-mail Bonnie at Until May Bonnie's lesson rates at her farm are $75 or $55 if you take two lessons within a 7 day period.

Thanks and I'm looking forward to seeing you all as the days start to get a little longer!

All the best-