Thursday, November 12, 2009

Straight from the working students mouth!

Many of you dream of picking up your life and moving somewhere to indulge your equestrian passion. Becoming a working student is one of the best ways to make this dream a reality! Working students are an integral part of Bonnie's business. We couldn't make it through the day without them! They participate in every aspect of the business... from riding to assisting the veterinarian to prepping horses for sale... But don't just take my word for it! Here is a little glimpse into the daily life of Annie Jones- an invaluable member of Team Point Above Farm and our 2009-2010 working student.

Annie joined us in June 2009. She travelled all the way from Iowa to spend a year working for Bonnie.
I have been with Bonnie as a working student now for six months (and intend on six more!). My riding, training, and teaching have improved beyond what I had imagined.

The program is fulfilling—it involves many aspects of horses— not just improving as a competitor, but mostly improving one’s overall horsemanship. I have had the opportunity to sit on everything from an off the track baby to Merloch, Bonnie’s four-star wonder horse and Vaunted, Ashley’s four-star superman. The program also involves the daily routine of barn duties, and there are many skills important to running an equine operation. Another aspect of the program is buying/selling horses. This is helpful to me because I enjoy taking on project horses, training them to their potential, and eventually selling them. It even applies some of my college education of business classes!

Bonnie and Ashley are a great team to work for. The combined experience and education of Bonnie and Ashley provides an amazing opportunity for any student (a novice or upper-level competitor)! I highly recommend taking the opportunity of being in this program if at all possible!!!

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