Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What an inspiration!

Hi Everyone,

I just had the most amazing week. I was the Rolex 4 star with Ashley Adams and her horse Vaunted coaching them through their first 4 star. Ashley is the first student that I have coached through a CCI****. Yes, she is now a 4 star rider! Ashley rode every phase as we planned which meant so much to me. We had a plan and she executed it perfectly. Ashley has an amazing fan base that she probably has no idea about. The roar of the crowd when she came off cross country was deafening. It brought tears to my eyes. Do you all know that Ashley made that little horse named Vaughn from scratch? She taught him how to do half pass and all that dressage stuff. I believe he came with his character to be brave when asked and that is why this partnership has developed into the 4 star level.

I have a funny story to tell, I have been 21st two times at Rolex and so having Ashley finish in my same placing at 21st is slightly ironic. That is a song! Ashley's week has given me inspiration for my trip own upcoming trip to Badminton. Murry and I had a great opportunity to do the test ride at Rolex. It gave me insight to a few things about my test and I know what I need to work on these last few days. We leave for JFK on Thursday. I only have about 5 days to improve my dressage, but I also need a few more jumps under my belt!

I have an amazing group of people coming over to help at Badminton. In my past I was thankful I was not a downhill racer because the grand daddy of downhill racing was the Hannikahm race. Crazy!! But as this trip comes closer I realize that I am about to ride at the grand daddy of three day eventing. Crazy? Hell no. I have an amazzing horse and as I always say when I walk into a venue-- this party is for my horse. The people are here to see my horse jump these incredible fences. Next time you will hear from me, I will be in Amsterdam with my Murry. If you own a cow bell ring it for me on Saturday. I am # 88 so I believe this means I will do my dressage on Friday afternoon. What a great number. I love double numbers.

Ok everyone this is your last week to buy a raffle ticket. The ticket purchase helps Merloch and I to get to Badminton, but you win a week of lessons with me including one lesson on my buddy Merloch. Stabling and housing are included. Stay here on my website and purchase tickets.

Touch back with me for updates,

Cross every thing you got and believe,

Bonnie and Murry

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