Wednesday, July 30, 2008

And moving forward...

Hi Everybody-

Rebecca here. First, please accept my apology for the technical difficulties we experienced the other day with this blog. I know that many of you saw Bonnie's post and then saw it virtually disappear. I tried to edit it, deleted it and then just didn't have time to get it back up...

So to give you a very quick update... Murry is doing very well and is scheduled to fly back to the States next wednesday. I'll be picking him up at the airport and he'll hang out with me and Abby at Millbrook for the weekend. I'm going to stable him next to Garyowen so that they can talk, catch up on their summers and perhaps Murry will be so kind as to give Gary and Bear a quick pep talk so that they are both very good over the weekend!

Everybody, including Bonnie, should be home in Virginia by Monday August 11.

The next horse trial that we will be attending as a group is Five Points at the Carolina Horse Park. It just opened the other day but there are several competitions going on that weekend, including the AEC's, so I'm sure you'll still be able to get your entry in if you would like to join us. Write "Mosser" on your stabling form if you want to be close!

More immediately, Bonnie will be teaching two clinics in the coming weeks. The first at Ledyard Farm in Wenham, MA Aug. 30-31st. The very next weekend she will be at Triple Combination Farm in Ferrisburg, VT. Please help us spread the word and get these clinics filled up! I know that Bonnie has very fun weekends planned for both!

Finally, April Raine, Art Director for "Professional Farrier" Magazine was kind enough to share with me a bunch of her photos from Rolex. I've attached my favorite. This was taken Sunday morning literally minutes before the final horse inspection. Yes, eventing is basically an individual sport but this picture perfectly illustrates the actual team work that goes into every one of the horses at that level... Krissy Collett, Bonnie's recently retired head groom of 5 years is coaxing Murry into munching on his breakfast, I am braiding, Dave, our farrier for the weekend, was fixing up his shoes and you can't see her but Bonnie is in the back fussing with his tail. It was a really intense moment!

See you all soon!


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