Thursday, July 24, 2008

Our Day Off...

Yes, we finally had a day of rest. Its been pretty non stop since we first arrived at The Fork.
Murry, Coren and I have really loved the break. I woke up early and went to the barn at 7:45 am. Hung out for a while, we are doing lots of hand grazing due to no paddocks to put the horses in. Poor Coren and all the grooms. These horses are used to being out for how many hours a day? Yes, the grooms have to hand graze them nearly non stop. Poor, Emma, Phillips groom, two horses... She is out there 24/7!

After all the grazing Buck, Kathleen, Coren and I drove to Stroud to do our laundry and have lunch. It was such a good day to get our laundry done. It *really* needed to be done, the horse stuff and our own! Stroud is a very hilly town. When we walked around it was either up or down hill. Buns of steel I said every time we walked up the street. It is fun to get off the farm and see a little bit of our surroundings.

Of course, it didn't last long and we were too soon heading back to the farm for more grazing.
Buck and I are now officiall entered at Gatcombe Horse Trials which happen August 1-3.
This trip is forcing me to plan beyond the plan!

The most amazing part of the day was getting invited to watch Allen Kings race horses train this morning. Nigel Bunter, who owns the property, took us out to watch the horses. Very, very cool. Not sure if I could do that- ride a race horse. They have some seriously good horses! And then we were invited to Nigel's for a BBQ. What a place!

I have an early ride tomorrow-7 am, because we are going over to watch the show jumping at Hickstead. What a treat thanks to Sara Ikes connections!

Talk soon,

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