Friday, July 18, 2008

From Bonnie!!

Hi All, Here in England with the best horses and riders in the USA. Not a bad place to be. Pinch me! So, being an alternate has taught me to be a very patient and positive person.While standing in the barn yard at The Fork when the 2008 USA Three Day Olympic Team was named, I looked back at all the moments that brought me to this place. Listening to Sara Ike name the Team was not as heart wrenching as my last Team experience. Take a second to understand the selection process,which means that a 4 star horse with experience is what they need. The wants come from the riders and the soundness of the horses. I now get it. I will never doubt what they need or want. Just GOOD HORSES.So, since my arrival here in England I now remember why I like it here. Horse country, small towns, friendly accents,and a chance to be more tan than any other person here.Murry and Coren Morgan have bonded like no other. I had a simple ride on him today around Barbury Castle Horse Trials site. Yes, that is where we are stabled. The girls that are grooming for all of us are put up in simple little two person campers. A nice place to go, since it is so cold. The grass here is green and the ground is perfectly soft. We have a busy schedule ahead of us. As you and I realize I am in a win win situation, Olympics or Burghley? Not a bad moment in life. I am cheering for all and wishing for GOLD!Talk soon,Bonnie and Merloch here in the UK

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