Saturday, July 19, 2008

More news from Bonnie!


At my first peak at daylight today I saw the sun. What a pleasant surprise! I arrived at the barn at 7:20 am to do some flat work on Murry and give him a quiet canter which ended up being a nice set of 3 three minute canters on the most amazing turf gallop you could ever imagine. Murry and I had some words during our flat warm up but we both came to the conclusion that we need to be serious. We are, by the way, in England as an alternate for the Olympics. Our canter up the gallop felt like a fun run in the park. The cool weather has put some friskiness into Murry.

Coren has started working on getting Murry's tail white again. By the time some photos come home you will see it will be as white as it was at Rolex. Coren's little home is a perfect little hide out away from the wind and we have wireless here. She and I went to the grocery store to stock the fridge with her favorite food. She seems to be a grazer.

Coren, Kathleen(Buck's groom) and I drove up to watch Aston le Walls Horse Trials. We were so lucky because as we walked out to the cross country course Clark Montgomery had just started on his gray horse. We ran into his wife Jess and she said things were going well.

People don't cheer here at all.

What a different sport over here. 4+ Advanced divisions with 30+ horses.

I am now heading back to town to go for a run before the gang meets for dinner.

Still smiling!

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