Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bonnie update 7/23

Hi everyone!

Hello! Its been a few days... let me see where I can catch you up.

Since I last wrote I have had two dressage lessons with the Captain. The first day was not as good as the second. Murry and I are still mastering the 2008 Olympic Dressage Test. If we end up being placed on the team we will luckily have a few more days to perfect it once we get to Hong Kong.

I think that as Coren mentiond Laura Kraut showed up to help us all jump yesterday. Thank goodness!!! She is amazing and really helped me understand the next level that I need to work towards with Mr. Murry. Unfortunately I had food poisoning the night before my second lesson so I was not in my best form but as always Murry took care of me. He is such a good jumper and as honest as the day is long. Thank God!

Today we went for our second gallop. What a test! Everyone was really questioning how and what to do but I woke up with a plan. Murry and I went for a 20 minute jog and then we cantered slowly up the hill once and sprinted up a second time. Murry never tired and is always ready to please. Afterwards we returned to the barn for icing and bathing.

While Murry was chilling I took off to the jump arena for a workout of my own, exercise ball included! Just ask about the ball! I've been lugging this thing around with me everywhere and its done wonders for helping to build up my core strength.

Then off to do the laundry which was, sadly, a failed attempt. I loaded the machine, put the money in and no go. Now what? I tried two other machines and no good. Put the laundry back in the sack and went back to the barn. I did call a friend to see where I could do my laundry...

This afternoon the team vet that is based here had a good look at all the horses. Everything seemed to go very well.

And now it is time for dinner...We all have an easy day tomorrow thank goodness. The horses may need a day of rest soon.

I have begun my plan B plans which include going to Gatcombe for the Advanced Open Class and then staying on for Burghley : ) This is that win win situation I mentioned a few e-mails ago. Burghley is always a dream and to have the opportunity to compete in it on two different horses is really exciting.

I will have to say this group has been so good. I wish Stephen and Jen could be here. Kim is here coaching Heidi and helping us all out. Its been really nice having her around.

And of course Coren who has been so good working with me and Mr. Murry.

Talk soon,
Bonnie and Merloch in the UK

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