Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bon Voyage!

If you looked up in the sky at about 4am this morning you may have seen Murry and the rest of the horses flying overhead. With only a little scrambling, Coren reported to me earlier today that all the horses made it onto the truck and into the plane with no problem. According to Coren, Murry was "perfect" and seemed to be enjoying the adventure. Does he realize he is amazingly close to travelling around the entire world? The picture above is of Murry waiting to get on the plane this morning...

Bonnie leaves for England this evening and will be reunited with Murry and Coren by tomorrow afternoon. In the meantime, Coren is, hopefully, getting some much needed sleep on her own flight and Bonnie is on her way to the airport...

We have posted more pictures from the Mandatory Outing so be sure to check them out on the Media page of our main site. Or click here:

Last night we celebrated this new adventure in style. Keith Cuthrell, Bonnie's land owner, was kind enough to loan us his beautiful B&B ( for our going away party. Thank you Keith!! We were joined by old friends and new. Doug (farrier extraordinaire), Holly and Alex (wouldn't be here without you!), Barbara and Marley, you guys are the best and totally made the night. It felt so good to have you all in one place again. To all of our new friends and students... we are so lucky to have met you all. Thank you for celebrating with us last night! Here's to many many more such nights!

Cross fingers as we wait to see how the cards will fall...

talk soon!

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